Our services

Arizona Appraisal Team, LLC​

P. O. Box 5927

Scottsdale, AZ 85261



Professional Services Offered:

*Luxury and Custom Home Appraisals

*Computer Evaluations (AVM)

*Expert Desktop Analysis

*Appraisals for PMI Removal

*All types of Mortgage Appraisals

   -We are UAD Compliant: 

   -Full Interior Single Family (1004)

   -Full Interior Condominium (1073) 

   -Exterior (2055)

   -Multi-family (1025)


   -VA Appraisals

*Foreclosure (REO) Analysis

*Worldwide ERC Relocation Appraisals

*Estate Purposes

*Land Valuations

*Field Reviews

*Pre-listing Appraisal

*Blueprint Review

*Remodeling Consultations

*Gross Living Area Sketches

*Additional Services Offered